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Daniel Adams   +233 303 937 079


Software For Microfinance

Enterprise grade solutions for microfinance businesses in West Africa with baked in local norms and customs.. Investments: Fixed Term and savings. Loans:Busineses, Personal, Group, Susu. Credit Union Schemas. Integrated Accounting Module.

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Mobile and Web Development

Bring your Business into the mordern era with tailored mobile and web solutions from Adaptive Computer Solutions. Platforms from Android, IOS, Blackberry, windows to internet of things Platforms. Tools from cordova, Xamarin, Android Studio, IONIC etc.

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Software Development Outsourcing

Let us handle your internal software Development, automation and customizations whilst your internal teams concentrate on your core business. Cross-national and multicultural teams from across West-Africa Deep skillsets from mobile, enterprise, web, database and line of Business software development domains. Proven process and tools from industry vendors: Google, Apple, Github, Microsoft, IBM, HP, among others

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Developer Training

In the era of cloud and mobile, your technical workforce needs to be abreast of technologies for building solutions with mobile and cloud as first class citizens of your target environment. ACS guides your teams through the maze of a plethora of infinite technologies, introduces them to the core concepts for building cloud enabled mobile first, enterprise line of business applications. We deliver mobile, desktop, server, web and cloud solutions development training for individuals or business teams

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Software for Manufacturing and Commerce

We have a comprehensive suite of software for merchandising and manufacturing Businesses to manage the whole value chain Complaint with th elegal frameworks across west Africa. Takes local norms and values into account. High Quality in product and process of development. Localised support Teams. Low cost of Acquisition and ownership.

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