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Daniel Adams   +233 303 937 079
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Developer Training

It’s the era of cloud and mobile. Young professionals are entering the workforce who have been exposed to mobile and social all their conscious lives. You need to modernize your internally developed or customized software applications in order to engage this growing segment of the talent pool. This is where we come in with the expertise, skill set and knowledge in the building of enterprise-ready mobile and/or cloud connected applications, we are uniquely positioned to develop your technical teams on the methods, processes, tools, techniques, concepts and procedures for software development in this era. We have highly talented facilitators to train individuals or teams of software engineers, programmers, testers, database administrators and support engineers.

We deliver training in :

  1. Building mobile Applications for the enterprise
  2. Responsive Web Applications development for the enterprise
  3. Modern Distributed Apps for the Enterprise
  4. Integrated with third party API’s of Line of business Apps
  5. Programming Enterprise class Applications etc

Why Choose Us?

  1. Our unique combination of experienced knowledge in the development of modern apps for large to small business
  2. The unique content delivery of our courses
  3. We can train your teams on your premises, our premises or at a third party location
  4. Comprehensive course materials.

Physical Adress

Central Mosque Stores.

Old Road, Madina.



+233 303 937 079


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