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Daniel Adams   +233 303 937 079

Mobile and Web Development

Mobile and web applications are built by our highly skilled teams for consumer or enterprise customers. We develop for all major mobile operating systems and devices form factors: tablets, smartphones, feature phones, wearables, convertibles and so on running Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry, Linux among others.

We do :

  1. Mobile Apps Development for public app stores
  2. Mobile Apps Development for private app-stores or manual development
  3. Responsive modern web sites using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript standard technologies
  4. Enterprise, data-driven, web-based applications using standard technologies on both the client browser and server side

Why Choose Us?

  1. Exposure and experience of our teams
  2. Staff sourced from across West-Africa with deep knowledge and appreciation of local customs, norms, conventions and values
  3. Standardized processes ranging from code-reviews, design and acceptance walkthroughs, software versioning and configuration, developer operations, agile methodology etc
  4. Broad spectrum of technologies such as ,C#, HTML5, JavaScript, swift, xcode, Android studio, visual studio, Cordova, IONIC, Xamarin and several others
  5. We can host support services for apps and websites in the cloud